WASHING: Cleanse your Sentoo Premium Plus wig in tepid water with Cyber Revitalise Wash shampoo.

Tip – Prior to washing, gently brush through the hair to remove any knots/tangles.


CONDITIONING: After rinsing off the shampoo, gently smooth through some Cyber Detangling Cream conditioner to help condition the Flexi-Fibre hair. Rinse off conditioner.

Tip – For a more intensive condition, soak the wig in a bowl of tepid water with a capful of Cyber Intensive Conditioner for 10 – 20 mins, rinse with clear water to remove the conditioner.


DRYING: Gently blot the excess water out of your Sentoo Premium Plus wig with a towel (do not rub or twist). Shake the wig and leave to dry naturally or blow dry with a low gentle heat.
To keep your Flexi-Fibre wig moisturised, use a light spritz of Trendco Moisture Protection spray before & after wear.


STYLING: Sentoo Premium Plus are Flexi-Fibre hair, which means that the hair is durable for some heat styling. They can be blow-dried, straightened or curled for complete flexibility. Special styling products are available just for Flexi-Fibre hair, please ask your stylist to recommend the correct styling products for you.


PLEASE NOTE: Heat stylers must be temperature controlled (maximum 140°), using higher than recommended heat will result in permanent damage to the fibre. When blow-drying, use a low heat.
If a Sentoo Premium Plus wig is straightened, it becomes very stubborn and may result in permanent straightness.
Aderans Straightening Irons are the perfect styling accessory for your Sentoo Premium Plus wig. They have a temperature gauge between 80°-220°, ceramic plates, 30 minute sleep mode and comes with a heat mat and travel pouch.
Aderans Hairdryer is the ideal styling tool for your Sentoo Premium Plus wig. The weight, size & shape is perfect for your styling needs. It has two temperatures (45°C and 90°C) to maintain the protection of the Flexi‑Fibre as well as being lightweight.