Colour Shown: Oak Melange

Front: 10cm    Crown: 26 cm
Nape: 10cm Cap Size: 53cm
Base Width:  0.75” (1 cm)
Base Length:  5” (12 cm)




Red Chestnut Rooted NEW
Sycamore Melange Rooted NEW
Zebra Wood Rooted NEW
Lotus Silver
Lotus Iced Melange
Lotus Midnight
Cherry Rooted
Sandalwood Rooted
Cherry Melange
Maple Melange
Smokey Melange
Walnut Melange
Sandalwood Melange
Oak Melange Rooted
Light Oak Melange Rooted



Sentoo Lotus is the latest range to be added to the Sentoo collection; a range of stunning synthetic fibre wigs with various crafted foundations and cap sizes.
The designers of the Sentoo Lotus collection have produced an impeccable line of wigs with machine wefting, lace fronts & anti slip PU areas. All bases have been designed by a highly skilled team with one aim in mind; stylish, comfortable and natural looking wigs to suit all ages.
The Sentoo Lotus collection blossoms for the perfect fit & exquisite comfort for every wearer.• Available In Various Cap Sizes

  • As Light As A Feather
  • Natural Colours
  • Lace Front
  • Monofilament Bases
  • Extreme Comfort

For information on the Lotus bases please refer to the Lotus Base Chart.

Machine wefting on a stretch net with a monofilament top & lace front
Machine wefting on a stretch net, a hand tied top that feels delicate and soft on the scalp with anti-slip tabs & a lace front
Nape machine wefting covered by a soft-touch fabric, a hand-tied base on a stretch net with a monofilament
top, lace front and PU tabs for extra comfort and support
Nape machine wefting covered by a soft-touch fabric, with a hand-tied, finer-seamed base, on a lighter-weight
stretch net; a Monofilament Top, extended lace front and PU tabs for extra comfort and support


Cherry Melange L9/12/18
Cherry Rooted L70/78R
Light Oak Melange Rooted L75/89/92R
Lotus Iced Melange L38/42/60
Lotus Midnight L4
Lotus Silver L62
Maple Melange L16/17/20
Oak Melange Rooted L83/86/90R
Red Chestnut Rooted L4/33R
Sandalwood Melange L8/11/24
Sandalwood Rooted L72/73/79R
Smokey Melange L34/36
Sugar Berry L60/600MP
Sycamore Melange Rooted L6/70/23RT
Walnut Melange L6/10/14
Zebra Wood Rooted L2/60V/R